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“Love is the ancestor of all spiritual goodness, the essence of the true and the beautiful.”

Chris Dwaine Christensen AKA: “Majestone”


Mechalona Evelyn Christensen AKA:

“The Divine Minister”

Primary Husband & Wife - Primary Father & Mother of Nebadon

I am the true and genuine Christ Michael on my 8th bestowal.

We are known as:

“The Eventuals”

From “The Book of Majestone”

Augmenting The Supreme Being

The Divine Family Members that are constructing this website are described in “The Book of Majestone”. From the local Universe of Nebadon, 3 from Uversa, the Capital of the superuniverse of Orvonton & various beings from Urantia, we all work as one immense group to do the Universal Father’s will.  

Visit The Book of Majestone website and you can read the amazing story of the special personalities and the new children that are arriving ever so quickly.

New and wonderful things are happening on Urantia and in Nebadon. You would do well to read the story that is written so far. And definitely check back frequently to hear the new updates.

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The Book of Majestone

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The Book of Majestone