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Web Counter

Creator Son Children – Special Forces

I am Christ Michael, Chris Dwaine Christensen, Creator Son (Master Son, Sovereign of Nebadon). Take note of the parentage of my children (Special Forces):

1,080,112 – Creator Son

9,512 – Creator Son & Creator Son’s Children

1,002,691 – Creator Son & The Universal Father

1,714,100 – Creator Son & The Eternal Mother Son

21,200 – Creator Son & The Infinite Spirit

6,090,689 – Creator Son & The Divine Minister (Holy Spirit)

215,888 – Creator Son & The Supreme Being

888 – Creator Son & Divine Counselor

1,000,000 – Creator Son & Special Paradise Angel

12,000 – Creator Son & Special Paradise Angel

4,800 – Creator Son & Melchizedek

3,000 – Creator Son & Primary Supernaphim

201,000 – Creator Son & Solitary Messenger

1,122 Creator Son & Transport Seraphim

27,922 – Creator Son & Seraphim

611,122 - Creator Son & Seraphim’s Child with Creator Son

905 – Creator Son & Cherubim/Sanobim

400 – Creator Son & Primary Midwayer

1,522 – Creator Son & Secondary Midwayer

1,222 – Creator Son & Son Fused

1,222 – Creator Son & Spirit Fused

1,344 – Creator Son & Ascendant Daughter Spirit

200 – Creator Son & Uversa (Superuniverse) Personality

2,400 – Creator Son & Material Son (Material Daughter - Eve Dreamascia Christensen)

1,200 – Creator Son & Material Son (Material Son – Adam (Adamea) Velocity Christensen

3 - Trinity Origin Children remains mysteries unexacted.

12,000,000 – Promise Children (May 18th, 2014)

Total Children = 12,006,462 + 12,000,000 = 24,006,462 + 24,006,462 (Other Family Members) = 48,012,924 Total Majestone Divine Family Members

(62,000,000,000 Total Urantia Staff Members (12-12-15)

Copyright© 2016 Chris Dwaine Christensen®

Copyright© 2016 Christ Michael 611,121st®

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Site Revised July 12th, 2015

In the eternity of the past the Father and the Son found union in the unity of the expression of the Infinite Spirit. If, in the eternity of the future, the Creator Sons and the Creative Spirits of the local universes of time and space should attain creative union in the realms of outer space, what would their unity create as the combined expression of their divine natures? It may well be that we are to witness a hitherto unrevealed manifestation of Ultimate Deity, a new type of superadministrator. Such beings would embrace unique prerogatives of personality, being the union of personal Creator, impersonal Creative Spirit, mortal-creature experience, and progressive personalization of the Divine Minister. Such beings could be ultimate in that they would embrace personal and impersonal reality, while they would combine the experiences of Creator and creature. Whatever the attributes of such third persons of these postulated functioning trinities of the creations of outer space, they will sustain something of the same relation to their Creator Fathers and their Creative Mothers that the Infinite Spirit does to the Universal Father and the Eternal Son.

The Urantia Book Paper 118 Section 9 Paragraph 8

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